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Easy Character Creation in Blender for Beginners

As technology and the human brain have developed, everything has taken a new turn. This advancement has definitely had a significant impact on how we go about our everyday lives and our professions. It has become much more simple and fast. And with that said character creation has left no stones behind to make it as easy as possible for the beginners like me to make characters for video games, animation and cinemas without worrying about the number of skills that are needed for it. Most of the time, when you open an app for character creation, you must be aware of quite a few skills to bring your unique thoughts to reality. However, this is not the case for everyone, which is why we require some programs to assist us in creating what we desire.


Character design is all about creating a character that feels natural to the viewer, something eye-catching and distinctive. That is why you cannot rely solely on drawings and old-fashioned methods. So, with that in mind, after testing all of the applications listed below, I’ll share their features and honest reviews with you so that you can pick the one that best suit your needs.

By using these tools you can create a realistic-looking, animation-ready 3D character because if the very basic and main element of character design is lost or weak, the animation will look nothing but a pale imitation of live-action. Great character designs not only help a character to look more real and lively but also help to create a huge impact on the franchisees, well-established companies, and so on.

This article will discuss some of the most popular, well-known, and dependable apps for creating characters that are near to your heart and will make every effort to perform to the best in people. Another thing to bear in mind is that these character creators are completely free to use. They are, indeed.

Let’s move on to these character creators and have a more in-depth discussion so that we can get a better understanding of the processes and what it has to offer. Here is the list of the 4 best character creators for a blender for easy navigation.


Open Source Tool for Character Creation Make Human

Make Human is an open-source program, so it can be used by anybody, from beginners to experts. It makes things a lot easier. You don’t need to be an artist to use this character creator to construct and embellish your characters. Open source also allows you to contribute to the code and improve it. It is smaller than DAZ and does not require a powerhouse to produce your image. It can also be used Maya, Max, and blender because of the FBX support. Make human has a blender script that makes it much easier to make the models within the blender. As a result, it makes the modeling process much easier and quicker. This tool is fast, easy to use, and offers quick access to all the features.

After making a name for itself in the animation, video game, and film industries, the make human team has finally published version 1.2 of the open-source character generation software after nearly 4 years of development.

Make Human’s first big update is regarded as significant. The release has been improved by the addition of a new MakeSkin tool for sophisticated materials. The MakeClothes and MakeTarget tools have also been revamped and rewritten from the scratch with fascinating additions that will undoubtedly enrich your character and make you appear as dynamic as a person in real life. It also has a new mass-production technology for creating randomized characters.

Blender users can now receive the new Makehuman blender plug-in with this latest release. By integrating the two applications, it is simple to transfer characters without needing to save an external life. Furthermore, the Makehuman codebase has been updated to use the most recent versions of Python and Qt, and you can now download third-party components made by the Makehuman user community directly from the software. With so many benefits and features, Makehuman should be your go-to tool for character creation, especially since it is free. It’s not a bad deal.

Salman Naseem

Author at Being Animator

My name is Salman Naseem, and I am an engineer turned animator with over 7 years of experience in the field. I discovered my passion for animation and decided to pursue it as a career after my engineering background. I have expertise in using various animation tools such as Blender, Vyond, and other cartoon-making software.

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